Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From an email to an ADD Coach

Here's where I'm at these days. This poor woman. She's a colleague of my mother's and probably hating her right now for referring me to her.  More general news after the email chunk.

So, today i'm trying to make contact with the campus.
After much running about (I've discovered that UMD's website is not really a singular monolith but rather a congealed mass of smaller, distinct websites for the various colleges and their departments. very confusing.) I've managed to gather several bits of data. For one, I can now log in to things. 
Apparently at this point the "block" on being able to register is for academic advising with the English department (as a transfer, I've already matriculated). What I'd like to know is whether the orientation is mandatory to proceed with the semester (apparently they're not rescheduling today's....or listing any further ones for the spring 2014 term....) or whether I can try meeting with an advisor from the english department to satisfy this block. The "reason" for the block doesn't even mention orientation or having to attend it. 
After more mucking about, I finally found the email for general advising branch of my particular college within the university. So I think I'll email them. They probably know about these things.
I still can't reach the orientation office; I imagine they're swamped, what with being closed yesterday and half of today. I'll try them again a little later. For now I'll try this email for general advising questions.

Meanwhile, I'm still scared. I feel somewhat accomplished so far--however dismally--in that while getting through these little goals I don't feel like I'm all that much closer to where I need to be. And all the while I'm still struggling to figure out if I even want to. I mean, I do want to go to school and finish my degree and all that fun learning, but I'm just not sure I want to this semester. It seems so sudden. I only found out I got in last week. It just seems like so much all at once, only to be followed up with a course load once everything does get settled. 
Sorry for the ramble. It's just where I'm at. I'm going to follow up with some advice I got and see if I can hook up with someone in the counseling program to work on these anxieties; I hear it's a really excellent program with good student resources. 

Elsewise: I'm hoping to get more blogging done, too. And writing in general. Yeah, on top of everything else. I still want to migrate this particular blog into a more personal format and create a new blog for the domain name that's more focused on the news and events and commentary and what I'm reading and watching. Here, I'll focus on boys I like and lessons I've learned. Maybe I won't separate them; maybe I will. I'd like to have something I could show an employer to prove I blog/write/think/conjugate. I dunno if my ramblings, occasionally offensive often listless, would impress any hiring types. 

Meanwhile: I left Macy's forever ago. Like, in July, I think. I've been back at American Eagle. It's different, but then so's the management team. And associates. And me. I'm now the stock lead; I'm trying to step up and be responsible and leadershippy. For whatever it's worth. No pay raise, as yet, with the slight promotion. That kinda sucks. But I'm not too fussed at the moment over that.

I bought myself a kindle for Christmas. It's possibly one of the best investments I've made. I say that about almost all my major purchases, especially tech ones, but I've suddenly been reading voraciously since I got it. I'd forgotten how much I loved reading. And all this reading may have the creative juices creek trickling again; who knows. 

I've also been dating a cool dude lately; a theater historian type. So maybe I'll be seeing more theater, too. Who knows, who knows. 

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